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Full Moon In Cancer On December 22nd, How Is It Going To Affect You?

Full Moon In Cancer On December 22nd, How Is It Going To Affect You?

Full Moon In Cancer December 22, 2018On December 22nd, it will be a Full Moon in the sign Cancer.

According to astrology, this full moon will be about positive change and pleasant surprises. Follow your intuition with open-mindedness, and take action with every unexpected opportunity that may change your future for the better. This full moon could lead to new surprises, meeting new people and creating scenarios that will benefit your career, financial situations and even relationships for this Christmas.

Without further ado, let me introduce how this moon affects the signs.

You have a strong ability to express yourself clearly Aries, and you have a well balanced mind that allows you to transfer your ideas into words easily. With this talent, you should take the chance during this full moon to negotiate a better deal regarding any area in your life; mediating any difficulties between friends and family, or landing a job to further progress your career.

Taurus, this is a great time for you to relax and enjoy life for even a while. Inner peace can bring more than calmness, but also harmonious relationships. With these helpful traits at work, they will make you more efficient and productive on important matters. Your positive attitude earns you respect from your superiors and peers, so use this time wisely and push your goals to receive the attention you deserve to complete it.

Fast tracking everything in life can be overwhelming for anyone Gemini; it’s completely normal to get anxious or tense. But due to the anxiety, difficulty expressing yourself clearly can lead to arguments and misunderstandings, so it is best to work on this skill. During this full moon, voicing your opinions would help many of your relationships whether it be work or personal. Some may find you selfish and annoying, while you might believe they are being stubborn and provocative. When this occurs, try finding the ‘Happy Medium’ and compromise to figure out any possible outcomes that could result in both parties understanding the other.  

Are people giving you pressure at the moment Cancer? It may seem as though some individuals are trying their best to make your life difficult and overlooking your efforts. This is hard to do, but don’t react to their silly attempts. The best option to pursue is to step back from the situation and work out the reason as to why you’re receiving their rude remarks and reactions. Remember what you are really trying to do and think whether this is the best option for you.

Leo, you are good at delivering good news and pleasant conversations. You have a very collected and organized mind, with capability to get words out with ease. Because of this wonderful ability to express your opinions in different situations, you can really help when figuring out problems between friends and family or with coworkers struggling with business.

Virgo, you bring a healthy balance into play when regarding love and finance. You go the extra mile for the person that you love and care about, be it a significant other, friend or family member. Sometimes, a hug, kiss or smile is enough to heal open wounds and brighten one’s day. This is a good time and opportunity for you to go out and make new relationships and connections.

You have the ability to express yourself clearly without upsetting anyone Libra. This requires good creative thought and mental activity, and energizes your interactions and communications with others. During this full moon, it will be a busy but productive time period; a good time to engage in debates, meetings, public speaking, applying for work and renewing old friendships.

This full moon will fill you with energy and creativity Scorpio; making you more enthusiastic, which will help you reach your goals and enjoy your time spent with family and friends. You make a good impression on other people with your positive attitude and self-confidence, which will assist you in succeeding. It is a good time for you to make progress; take initiative!

Sagittarius, the moon will assist you in your interactions with your fellow acquaintances. It will bring you mental alertness and quick thinking, which will result in a way for you to share your opinions and ideas with ease. It will be a good time for you to make interactions and negotiations to further aid you in achieving goals and creating new relationships with friends and colleagues.

You will find that it will be easier to be yourself and express your true thoughts, Capricorn. The focus is now on you and your goals heading towards the end of the year. Take this time to use your energy and make a fresh start for the coming new year; express your opinions, figure out current or new goals, and get the ball rolling!


You have a good mentality heading into situations Aquarius; this full moon will grant you the energy and power to get your ideas across to others. This is a good time for you to interact and communicate with others regarding work, business deals, difficult situations and just talking about what you may have missed out on over the last while.

Pisces, remember to breathe when times get rough. It will be a hectic time with all the communications with others and mental activities happening. When your thinking gets nervous or rushed, it may cause unwanted mistakes and misunderstandings that could lead to arguments; leaving difficult matters to handle. It will be difficult to make certain decisions and negotiations during this time, so it might be good for you to take a breather and let someone help in situations moving forward.


That’s it!

I hope you found this helpful moving towards the final days of 2018.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Until next time.

Written by: @luna_stellium