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On November 23, 2018, It Will Be The Rise Of The ‘Frost Moon’ Or ‘Beaver Moon’. How Does It Affect You?

On November 23, 2018, It Will Be The Rise Of The ‘Frost Moon’ Or ‘Beaver Moon’. How Does It Affect You?

dream catcher in sunsetWhy is this full moon called the Beaver Moon? Well, it’s called the Beaver Moon due to Algonquin Tribes and Colonial Americans. They set beaver traps this time of the year before the swamps freeze over, to make sure they have enough furs to help them survive the harsh winters. It was also called the Frost Moon by other Native American tribes.

In the south hemisphere of the world, the November full moon happens during Spring and not Autumn. But regardless of where you live in the world, the Beaver Moon will shine directly in front of the constellation, Taurus the Bull. This presents the third and final full moon of Autumn or of Spring.

The Beaver Moon will be in Gemini, which is an energetic zodiac sign.

 This full moon will most definitely bring an energy boost, as well as having the potential to make even the most mild mannered souls lose their temper! 


Bright Moon In the Winter

While the weather might be getting colder, the moon will be burning hot as it is the first lunar event of the Sagittarius’ season; a fire sign.

Gemini is a sign with the element of air, and ruled by the planet Mercury. This sign is presented as twins, who are shown as two sides of a coin. Gemini vibes are curious, chatty, quick to act, and not to mention quite the troublemaker when playful. Mercury is the planet representing communication, so this full moon will focus mainly on communication.

For the Beaver moon, there is one thing that everyone should be cautious of, and that is control. Do your best to think before you speak or act, and make sure you’re expressing your frustrations in a healthier way.

Girl Meditating In The SunsetHaving said that, this does not mean you should repress your angers and discontent. If you do that, that will cause you to, in lack of better words, explode. Always remember to take deep breaths and calm down. So let’s get into it shall we? Here is how each sign will be affected during the Beaver Moon.





Taurus, your financial troubles are predicted to come to end or at the very least, become easier to bear. During this full moon, you will feel an energy pushing you more towardshe money department, but remember to make time for the people you care about as well!


GeminiThis moon is under your sign Gemini — don’t be afraid to seize the day and own it. Channel the moon’s energy into embracing the change and healing your soul; building its way to your best self. Make room for the new parts that you find about yourself, and have some time for yourself to relax, whether it be cozying up next to a fireplace or taking a nice stroll outside.

Do you dream a lot, Cancer? Well, this full moon is going to allow your dreams to send you messages and revelations. Don’t be afraid to see something you’re scared of; embrace it. Maybe you will find something good that will help you in your path through life.


Leo, you can’t do everything alone. For this full moon, I encourage you to seek some advice from people you love and trust about your next steps for the future. It will definitely help you in the long run, especially if you are trying to narrow a career path down. It might be more helpful than you think!


Maybe this moon with help you with your confusion Virgo. Your future has millions of different out comes and possibilities and I know it’s hard to choose. This full moon may offer you some guidance and provide directions as to which path to take, so try and focus on the flow from one possibility to the next; don’t be too fixated on every little detail.


Drama is pretty overwhelming isn’t it Libra? It can get pretty stressful sometimes when certain obstacles come in the way.  The energy of this moon may get you and the people around you into some drama, but don’t worry; just keep calm and do your best to work everything out. Always remember to take deep breaths to get you through it.


Hey Scorpio, you’ll be going places for this moon. The moon will be shedding a light that will shine over all your achievements that were done during the last new moon that was in your sign a couple weeks ago; use this time as a way to reflect and heal your past. Let your dreams involve you into the person you want to be!


The sun is in your sign, Sagittarius, so you’re on the right vibe. Although that may be the case, the energy that the Gemini moon is going to give you with affect your usually-focused thoughts pretty scattered overall. With the beaver moon, well may all feel a lack of ability to communicate with others, but don’t stress about it and use that energy you have in a positive light! Try your best to heal partnership-related issues that catch your attention this full moon.


Capricorn, you’re going to find some deep ties during this full moon that you found in the back of your mind. This moon under Gemini will likely give you some of the answers you have been looking for. Knowledge is always a blessing, so embrace your flaws, and trust your instincts to go places you have never been.


You’re in for a ride Aquarius; this moon will bring you some good luck in the name of love! Pump yourself up for your new dating life and get your sexy on. You should try meeting new people and possibly go on some dating sights to find your one true pair. Good luck!


Finally, Pisces; you’ll be doing this thanksgiving right if you spend it with a group of people you would call family — that means anyone you find really important such as close friends and blood relatives. You will be connecting more with others this full moon; it will deepen your feelings and let you feel your loved ones’ support and love. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to speak your mind!

And there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed and at least found this blog somewhat helpful to you!

Thanks for reading and until next time.

 By @luna_stellium