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How to play:

  1. Follow Please follow @zenpolitan, all hosts and all other sponsors on Instagram.
  2. Post Post your yoga practice photo every day during the challenge period.
  • Please include:
  • all the challenge hashtags
  • Spread the love to your fellow yogi participants
  • Use #zenpolitan, so we can cheer you up on your yoga journey
  • Reward Hosts will pick one winner in each challenge, winner will be announced on Instagram.


Email us at info@zenpolitan.com for hosting a Yoga Challenge

Challenges are happening right now!  See the Current Yoga Challenges on Insta:


July 8 - 14

Balance is an act of making minor correction from one side to another to bring one towards a center of stability 

Host: @liu.yanti


July 8-14

We are going to rebalance our inner energy working on each specific chakra

Hosts: @krisjamaica 


July 5 - 11 

Join us in celerbating women writers, yoga, and the connection between words and movement

Hosts: @rebeccahleigh


July 1 - 7

Mudras are hand positions that channel our prana to support an aspect of our wellbeing

Hosts: @Carmensyoga


July 1 - 7

Join us for hip openers poses with option to modify and be creative

Hosts: @kwang_angkana


July 1 - 7

Let's free ourselves from everything that has been holding us back in this summer

Hosts: @ninayoganow


July 1 - 7

The moon moves us in so many unseen ways. Let's explore the moon cycles in this challenge

Hosts: @faithfoxmama


July 1 - 7

Join us for our Second Round of many amazing hip-opening asanas

Hosts: @kittyfhloe