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How to play:

  1. Follow Please follow @zenpolitan, all hosts and all other sponsors on Instagram.
  2. Post Post your yoga practice photo every day during the challenge period.
  • Please include:
  • all the challenge hashtags
  • Spread the love to your fellow yogi participants
  • Use #zenpolitan, so we can cheer you up on your yoga journey
  • Reward Hosts will pick one winner in each challenge, winner will be announced on Instagram.


Email us at info@zenpolitan.com for hosting a Yoga Challenge

Challenges are happening right now!  See the Current Yoga Challenges on Insta:


April 22 - 28 

The hosts is going to share what each mindfulness pillar means.

Hosts: @zenjenlou


April 22 - May 1 

We are back with the same fun arm balance theme this spring. 

Hosts: @_balance_in_life


April 21 - 27 

Join us and spread love and joy of practice by sharing a beautiful smile along with your beautiful asana. 

Hosts: @inspiremyyoga


April 20 - 27

Follow us through a range of asanas that make you feel more strong and energized. 

Hosts: @carolineanneyoga


April 19 - 21 

We invite you to this 3 days short yoga challenge to share with us your favourite asanas. 

Hosts: @rebeccahleigh


April 16 - 21

Join us and practice all the yoga poses that bring the sun shine out of us. 

Hosts: @andreamegale.yoga


April 15 - 22 

Let's channel our inner evil. For 8 days we use iconic Disney villians as the base of our "free-forn" pose list challenge. 



April 15 - 21 

Join us in celebrating Easter with an animals themed yoga challenge. 

Hosts: @yoga_karlet


April 14 - 20 

Join us for a fun challenge to celebrate the friendships that we make in our journey in yoga challenges. 

Hosts: @skinnydoberman



April 10 - 15 

We've got 6 days lined up to focus on both strength and flexibillity. 

Hosts: @kaitlynpatriza


April 8 - 14 

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives" 

Hosts: @colleen_theyogi


April 2 - 8 

It's time for springtime yoga play! 

Hosts: @alysia_cen


April 1 - 10 

Let's look for the sunshine in the rainy month of April! 

Host: @briana.yoga


April 1 - 8 

Join us as we sit on our thrones... of course doing yoga waiting for GOT's RETURN!!!

Hosts: @cassydoesyoga


April 1 - 6 

Practice the "hard side", even photograph it and show it off! 

Hosts: @LinaYogiFreeman


April 1 - 6

Join us and have fun with props that you feel helpful! 

Hosts: @liu.yanti


March 31 - April 6

Join and tell-which asana sparks inner joy? Makes your heart lighter? Makes you feel brave? 

Hosts: @divyak_yoga


March 30 - April 5

Let's celebrate Crystal's birthday with an Inversion Party. 

Hosts: @one_breath.at.atime


March 29 - April 4

Let's celebrate the turn of the month by practicing asanas and yoga poses based on 7 chakras together. 

Hosts: @sweeti388


March 27 - April 2 

This all levelz challenge will definitely get you sprung on yoga! 

Hosts: @FreedYogi