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Push Your Limits Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually
Participate, Connect, Get Inspirited & Win Something Amazing


How to play:

  1. Follow Please follow @zenpolitan, all hosts and all other sponsors on Instagram.
  2. Post Post your yoga practice photo every day during the challenge period.
  • Please include:
  • all the challenge hashtags
  • Spread the love to your fellow yogi participants
  • Use #zenpolitan, so we can cheer you up on your yoga journey
  • Reward Hosts will pick one winner in each challenge, the winner will be announced on Instagram.


Email us at info@zenpolitan.com for hosting a Yoga Challenge

Challenges are happening right now!  See the Current Yoga Challenges on Insta:

Dec. 26, 2019 - Jan. 01, 2020

Celebrate our breakthrough and culminate our intention to this coming year 2020!


December 22 - 26

Get back on the mat with our furry pets to celebrate the holidays by striking a yoga pose.


December 21 - 25

Eagles fly alone, not because they are proud, but because they are not afraid of soaring above the clouds.
So be like eagles!
Be unique!
And be brave!

Host: @nica.liew

December 01 - 25

Countdown to Christmas with one yoga pose a day and win amazing prizes daily!

Host: @hippie_healthnut

December 24 - 30

Share your yoga in the festivals of Christmas and new year and get the chance to win amazing prizes!

Host: @yoga.qinmeng

December 16 - 22

Flexibility in hamstrings not only helps to perform advanced asanas but also helps in physical health, so join us for 7 days!

Host: @crazyasiayoga

December 9 - 15

Let's have fun together making some fun shapes with our bodies for 7 days!⁣

Host: @renny_sito
@ninayoganow #ninayoganow

December 8 - 14

Feel free to get creative with your fiery poses this winter solstice while building warmth from the inside out.

Host: @yogialxx

December 6 - 12

Welcome to our challenge where we will seek the balance between our mind and body.

Host: @ele_argi

December 2 - 8

Discover your body's limitation in back bending and work on them slowly and patiently.

Host: @__sil_06

December 2 - 7

Are you ready to fly with us for 6 days using arm balances and inversions?

Host: @abanna_yoga_art

December 2 - 6

Gather your mat and Christmas socks and let's warm-up together in a 5-day yoga challenge.

Host: @bebafalcon

Nov. 25 - Dec. 01

Go with the growing flow, begin with a pose and add another one until we have a full flow!

Host: @hippie_healthnut

November 22 - 28

Reconnect with ourself and our partner - spiritually, physically, and yes, even sexually.

Host: @shakti.la

November 21 - 27

Let's gather together and fall onto arms for an awesome arm balance challenge.

Host: @jennyg2bfit (Jenny)
@yogamom.journey (Kate)
@_balance_in_life_ (Erin)
@mountain_mama_yoga (Rachel)

November 03 - 09

Acts of kindness for others starts with doing first for yourself.

Host: @yoga_helwahtin


 November 04 - 10

It's all about having fun while doing yoga, bend little rules, and don't be an Ashtanga. 

Host: @andreamegale.yoga

October 28 - November 03

Let's do yoga outside to connect with nature.

Host: @_clarityoga_

October 24-29

Celebrate this Halloween with the Classics!  

Host: @currie.yogini

October 14-20

Don't let the upcoming cold season stop you to stay in shape

Host: @ele_argi

October 11-16

Everyone is welcome to join and explore the different variations of the compass pose

Host: @crazygoat_79

October 8-14

Practice your hips and hamstrings' flexibility by doing splits with us 

Hosts: @suchitra_rx