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How to play:

  1. Follow Please follow @zenpolitan, all hosts and all other sponsors on Instagram.
  2. Post Post your yoga practice photo every day during the challenge period.
  • Please include:
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  • Spread the love to your fellow yogi participants
  • Use #zenpolitan, so we can cheer you up on your yoga journey
  • Reward Hosts will pick one winner in each challenge, winner will be announced on Instagram.


Email us at info@zenpolitan.com for hosting a Yoga Challenge

Challenges are happening right now!  See the Current Yoga Challenges on Insta:


March 25 - 31

Spring is the season to clean and declutter your surroundings, it is equally important to detox within! 

Hosts: @ehatss_fit


March 25 - 31

Join us as we challenge ourselves together with poses that require strength and balance. 

Hosts: @jessie_jyotiyiga


March 25 - 31 

We need to refocus our energy and ensure we are living mindfully this spring. 

Hosts: @clacuru


March 23 - 29 

Join us for 7 days of yoga in heels - get sassy, be creative, have fun, but be safe! 

Hosts: @AmyWeckerMD


March 20 - 25

Through asanas and detox rituals, we’ll prepare ourselves for the bloom of the rebirthing season.

Hosts: @michiganmadeyogi



March 18 - 24

Align your chakras with us and prepare for spring and new beginnings! 

Hosts: @toonieyoga


March 18 - 25

We will focus on a different chakra each day and invite you to choose a pose that is associated with that chakra. 

Hosts: @flou_yoga


March 17 - 26 

Jon us for a fun wheel challenge to celebrate the friendships that we make in our yoga journey. 

Hosts: @valquiriafo


March 16 - 22

Yoga philosophy is the ethical guideline and practice in yoga which helps to make a better you. 

Hosts: @frog_queenyoga


March 15 - 21

Let’s welcome Spring with enthusiasm by celebrating Holi, The Festival of Colors! 

Hosts: @JennyG2BFit


March 11 - 17

Join us for a week of exploring our inner wisdom and strengthening the connection of mind, body, and soul. 

Hosts: @ritaayoga


March 10 - 16 

Join us to share your elegance, funky, and creative asanas poses. 

Hosts: @kittyfhloe


March 8 - 14 

Please join us and share asanas you feel lucky to practice. 

Hosts: @indria.yoga


March 6 - 12 

Love hip openers!!
Love Flexy Hips!!
So let’s play with us! 

Hosts: @Sushitra_rx


March 5 - 14 

Sun is shining more often, days are longer, it is time to wake up and reborn. 

Hosts: @karolinakost


March 1 - 7

Spring is a great time to let go of heavy layers and clean the body of excess toxins in the tissues. 

Hosts: @ritaayoga


March 1 - 7

Let’s release the tension from our back and hips. 

Hosts: @Yoga.QinMeng


February 25 -  March 3

We choose 7 famous UNESCO sites in Italy for you to explore. 

Hosts: @syoghina


February 25 - March 2

Come play with your pole or silk, if you haven’t got one of these, you can grounded the asanas.

Hosts: @aerial.aalis


February 24 - March 2

You are free to post your asana expressing as you really feel. 

Hosts: @roby_vanzella

February 22 - 28

Join us for this short fun heart opening challenge.

Hosts: @sdharamr

February 21 - 27

Let’s fall in love all over again with our beautiful yoga practice! 

Hosts: @alysia_cen


February 18 - 24 

Open our hearts to love ourselves and the others.

Hosts: @lauralouiseyoga


February 17 - 23

We’re going to be getting wild with animal poses!

Hosts: @yogafter40


February 17 - 22

Let’s have some fun and get creative with the season of “W.I.N.T.E.R”. 

Hosts: @shanarooney


February 15 - 22

Let’s warm up and get sunny for 6 days of sun salutations! 

Hosts: @yogaromina


February 15 - 21

We will present you beautiful heart openers, and each pose will bring a feeling of lightness, contentment, and being blissful. 

Hosts: @yoga_karlet


February 15 - 21

No matter if you just started or practiced for many years - we want to inspire each other and keep the spirit up. 

Hosts: @yoga_mit_lucie


February 11 - 17

Love should be spread year-round, let’s open our hearts a bit bigger with this challenge.

Hosts: @popsterivy


February 11 - 15 

Join us for this fun short challenge for Valentine’s Day. 

Hosts: @jenneeds_yoga


February 9 - 15

Join us on this short journey to Kapotasana. 

Hosts: @suchitra_rx


February 4 - 11 

Join us and learn about preventing and diagnosing cancer, as well as how to support warriors fighting this disease. 

Hosts: @rebeccahleigh


February 4 - 10 

Communicate with ourselves and channel our emotions and feelings through Asana and Music. 

Hosts: @kokoro_yoga

February 1 - 8
Join us and you will build a yoga flow by the end of the challenge
Hosts: @linayogifreeman

January 29 - February 4 

Join us as we travel from root to crown, and arm yourself with the chakra knowledge

Hosts: @YogicByNature

January 27 - February 1

You’re encouraged to make yourself in symmetrical shape to present the symmetry beauty!

Hosts: @yoga_helwahtin