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Push Your Limits Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually
Participate, Connect, Get Inspirited & Win Something Amazing


How to play:

  1. Follow Please follow @zenpolitan, all hosts and all other sponsors on Instagram.
  2. Post Post your yoga practice photo every day during the challenge period.
  • Please include:
  • all the challenge hashtags
  • Spread the love to your fellow yogi participants
  • Use #zenpolitan, so we can cheer you up on your yoga journey
  • Reward Hosts will pick one winner in each challenge, winner will be announced on Instagram.


Email us at info@zenpolitan.com for hosting a Yoga Challenge

Challenges are happening right now!  See the Current Yoga Challenges on Insta:


January 21 - 28 

Let’s Play Together With Some ASANAS That Make Us Feel Strong & Powerful 

Hosts: @yogafter40

January 19 - 25 

Come & Share with Us Your Funky & Creative Flying Poses. 

Hosts: @blaze_esther


January 16 - 20

Come & Celebrate With The Capricorn! 

Hosts: @That_Damn_



January 14 - 20

Together We Rise By Lifting One Another

Hosts: @__lisas__


January 11 - 18

Let’s loosen and get flexier together! 

Hosts: @lancuks_yoga


January 10 - 14

Let’s cultivate balance on and off the mat!

Hosts: @giorgina_sif

January 7 - 11

You can choose to fly or ground your shape, get create and have fun!

Hosts: @bodyflyingbcn

January 1 - 7

A new year calls for achieving your yoga goals!

Hosts: @roby_vanzella


December 28 - January 10

For all adventures and Cirque de Soleil wanna-be yogis!

Hosts: @namastefromsarah


December 20 - 28

Take a yoga tour with Santa’s famous four legged helpers! 

Hosts: @omniyogagirl

December 10 - 16

Let’s open and warm our hearts together! 

Hosts: @saraalaire


December 9 - 13

Chairs are not only made for seating! 

Hosts: @dr_kaufman

#yinforlife yoga challenge

December 7 - 12

A ‘Topic’ is given each day, how each pose is related to a ‘yin’ life. 

Hosts: @sonertnp


Zenpolitan Yoga Challenge Dec 1-10

December 1 - 10

New twists on classic arm balances.

Hosts: @behappyyoga


December 1 - 8
Spread the gift of healing & Awareness.



November 25 - December 4

It’s a challenge to reach people on an emotional level. You’re going to dig deep to yourself and learn a little bit more about yourself. 

Hosts: @awildflowersoul

Zenpolitan Yoga Challenge

November 21 - 30

All the hosts will be showing the duality of being grounded while uplifted in your practice. 

Hosts: @juliemontagu